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Temporarily Block My Cell Phone Number

Perfectjammer 2022/01/01

Like last year, Temporarily Block My Cell Phone Number with powerful electromagnetic signal interference function will continue to be used by local examination management agencies as a technical means to prevent college entrance examination candidates from cheating, and will be installed in many examination rooms in June this year. However, the reporter experienced personally and found that under the influence of such high-intensity radiation, symptoms of dizziness, soft feet, and nausea would appear within 15 minutes. The founder of my country's first Cell Phone Jammer , revealed to reporters the secrets of mobile jammers under the veil of "high-tech". What is even more surprising is that the laws and policies have clear and strict regulations on the production and use of such radio interference equipment, but the relevant management departments have "collectively lost their voice." What exactly is this for? An insider who has a close relationship with the examination management agency revealed that "everyone knows it well", on the one hand, it is for "work convenience", and on the other hand, because the management department "cannot afford" the units that use mobile phone jammers. .

However, compared with the situation that Temporarily Block My Cell Phone Number is spreading like a raging fire in various examination rooms, there is a voice that, although it seems a little weak, has never stopped. Over the past few years, through various methods such as writing articles and leaving messages on the BBS, we have firmly opposed the examination room. , Schools use this instrument, “because it does affect people’s normal thinking!” In fact, most researchers in our laboratory will experience the same mild headache and mood as you just now under half an hour of microwave radiation of this intensity. A state of irritability and inability to concentrate. Of course, the degree of response will vary due to differences in personal physiques. "I told reporters: "I was in a test center in Henan, and I heard the staff report to the local admissions office. After opening Temporarily Block My Cell Phone Number , many students' heads hurt. Do you say this is fair to students?