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Stadiums Block Cell Phone Blocks Data Collection?

Perfectjammer 2022/01/02

Humans are naturally anxious and skeptical about the unknown, especially when such things are in front of us all the time - like the little black camera on the phone screen. There are many people who have expressed their concerns in different ways in different places: Stadiums Block Cell Phone Is it safe or not? Will apps sneak pictures of us? How can we know if the phone camera (especially the front camera) is working? There are still many people who scoff at these questions. What is the use of Cell Phone Jammer often using big companies to secretly collect this data? Ordinary people can take a picture as soon as it is taken; it is technically impossible to wait to refute the above "conspiracy theory", which also includes a large number of related "technical" people including me.

Lately, though, I've been afraid to be too confident about it. First of all, I saw Zuckerberg admit that he would tape the cameras of all equipment, and the media confirmed it; then the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also began to rectify the applications that abuse Stadiums Block Cell Phone permission, including Ctrip, Tencent, Yangquan, Danmaku Network, iQiyi, Tantan and other companies have been shot, plus foreign media reports on the NSA and related events and various small videos of Seqin that are obviously secretly filmed by mobile phones, it makes people feel more and more guarded against the black hole in front of the mobile phone. It's not a "worrying" thing anymore. You can't have both, and convenience and privacy are often not the same. In view of the security of mobile phone cameras, today I will introduce two cost-effective methods to block the camera on Android phones.