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Perfectjammer 2021/10/01

The principle of mobile phone signal shielding is similar to that of a mobile phone. For example, the integrated ic it uses is the same as a mobile phone, it also needs to send electromagnetic induction data signals, so it will cause relative radiation to the body just like a mobile phone. Does electromagnetic radiation of all compressive strength harm health? Movement Cell Phone Jammer Installed In Car The degree of harm to the body cannot be cut across the board. It is related to the length of time the equipment is opened and its physical fitness. In fact, the standard value of electromagnetic wave radiation compressive strength (ie, magnetic field strength) in my country is clearly stipulated. The national regulations mentioned here are the "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations" (GB8702-88) approved by the State Environmental Protection Administration on March 11, 1988 and gradually implemented on June 1 of the same year. This requirement puts forward requirements for the standard value of direct electromagnetic radiation for the posts and the masses. E.g, cell phone jammer For the masses, the electromagnetic wave radiation with a frequency in the range of 30-3000MHz, within 24 hours a day, the average intensity of the magnetic field cannot exceed 0.4 watts per square meter.

Formally, a company with a manufacturing license plate, manufactures Cell Phone Jammer Installed In Car have been tested by relevant departments, and the irradiance is within the safety range stipulated by the state. Mobile phone signal jammers generally use small indoor spaces, such as classrooms, conference halls, etc., with low output power and strict standards for safe parts. For example, the distance between the classroom aisle and the wall behind the lecture table and the body is generally more than 2-3 meters, which reduces the damage to the body caused by electromagnetic wave radiation to the standard value. For small indoor spaces, do not blindly follow the trend for better laziness and savings, and introducemobile phone signal jammers (shielding effect is more than 50M). The magnetic field ofmobile phone jammers is also very strong, requiring a longer distance to enter the safe range. The one-size-fits-all distinction between mobile phone jammers at the level of harm has made regular signal jammer manufacturers very angry. There are two different things from radiation sources and harmful to the body. How to draw an equal sign? Just like mobile phones, microwave ovens, and TVs all have radiation sources, some of the magnetic fields are quite strong, but outside the relative range, within the relative time range, this kind of damage is negligible and will not cause any irresponsible damage to the body. The damage is compensated, so this commodity is rarely abandoned in social development.