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Blocking Cell Phone Calls On Iphone Can Extend The Blocking Effect

Perfectjammer 2022-03-09

The Blocking Cell Phone Calls On Iphone produced has been fully considered in the design. Requirements for different frequency bands are added later. Through the superposition of the radiator, the original 12-channel output can be easily expanded to 24-channel output. The fixed holes for the superimposed radiator plate are reserved, so that even if more frequency bands of Cell Phone Jammer need to be added later, there is no need to worry about the lack of radiator space. And it can be extended to up to 24 interference frequency modules to achieve more frequency signal interference, or to achieve the same scene through frequency refinement to expand the ability of the shielding effect.

Many client friends don't like bugs, so people's opinions on this situation are mixed. In fact, the Blocking Cell Phone Calls On Iphone devices exist because there are eavesdropping devices. If the criminals who want to eavesdrop on your information use the method of eavesdropping, customers and friends will not accept the corresponding resistance method, which will only make the criminals in the hands of eavesdropping more and more arrogant, so everyone must learn to prevent eavesdropping. Now it is confirmed that the technology is very developed. Cell phones have several good strategies to prevent eavesdropping. Some customers think that turning off the power will prevent eavesdropping, but it actually requires unplugging the battery. We should pay special attention to the management of mobile phones. Some eavesdroppers are not very good at managing their own phones, so they unknowingly copy messages to others and install eavesdropping devices. In addition, pay special attention to downloading some mobile software. Antivirus is also to prevent eavesdropping, and eavesdropping through software viruses is also a new mode that is very common at present.