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Blocked Number Keeps Calling My Cell Phone Avoid Phone Calls In Class

Owens Dale 2022/04/30

A school in Chengdu installed Blocked Number Keeps Calling My Cell Phone in every classroom. Netizens feel that because the school is not a college entrance examination center, the installation of mobile phone signal blocking equipment is not very effective. It is usually open to the outside world and endangers the interests of students and teachers. They look forward to banning and deleting cell phone jammer . Naturally, there are also those who feel that the school has done the right thing. Journalists walked into the school to visit and inspect the site. Xiao Yang, a student of the school, said that they recently saw a notice on the school's official website to purchase a mobile phone signal jammer, "Since entering a regular high school, every time the teacher takes the test, the teacher brings it into the classroom, and the power cord can be plugged. The application is very convenient." Mr. Zhang said he did not know whether the machines would be open to the public normally because they have mobile phones.

The annual college entrance examination season is approaching, and there are more than 40 days left before the college entrance examination in 2022. During this time, all candidates are preparing carefully and strive to meet the college entrance examination in the best state. In order to allow candidates to have a fair and just competition space, we, as the executors of the college entrance examination guarantee work, are also stepping up preparations. Therefore, in the examination room, we have prepared equipment to defend information security, that is, the examination room Blocked Number Keeps Calling My Cell Phone , which can effectively prevent students from cheating by using high-tech means. At present, major test centers across the country are also stepping up the procurement and installation of mobile phone signal jammers in the test room. Today I will explain to you the mobile phone signal jammers suitable for use in the test room.