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Block Outgoing Call From Cell Phone Improves Teaching Goals

Thorne Rose 2022/05/02

The school leaders responded that the school installed Block Outgoing Call From Cell Phone decorations in the classroom on Sundays, including more than three, "Only the screen medicine device is turned on during the use period, which is convenient to avoid the situation of some students playing mobile phones in silence. Standards to ensure rationality and fairness." She said that the school does not encourage students to bring mobile phones under normal circumstances, and also requires that mobile phones cannot be used for campus and classroom teaching time. Cultural education is committed to promoting the implementation of teaching goals. "Playing mobile phones and games in the classroom will seriously harm the teaching objectives. The installation of cell phone jammer in the classroom can end this practice and allow cultural education to return to formality. I personally apply it." He felt that students should not be fully prepared for civil affairs. Behavior, now the school bears the image of a legal guardian, in order to better safeguard the common interests of the students, the students can suspend part of the control over the grass.

In order to achieve the desired shielding effect, the mobile phone signal blocker used in the examination room in our life needs to fully understand the shielding frequency band. Whether it is 2G, 3G, 4G and the latest popular 5G mobile phone, it needs to be able to complete the shielding, and it also needs to be able to Shielding wifi signals, walkie-talkies, bluetooth headsets and other communication equipment is the only way to effectively ensure the fairness and impartiality of test takers in the examination room, and will not cheat because of various high-tech equipment. The other is the working distance of Block Outgoing Call From Cell Phone . A standardized test site is generally about 60-80 square meters. Therefore, when a mobile phone signal blocker is installed in each classroom, it can completely cover the entire classroom, and can block all corners. If the corners are not covered, it is very likely that candidates will use system vulnerabilities to cheat.