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Best Phone Case To Block Em For Cell Phone Control Wireless Communication Band

Perfectjammer 2022/04/15

Best Phone Case To Block Em For Cell Phone

Today's economic development has become faster and faster, the most notable is the development of high-tech. It is inevitable that the 4G era will replace the previous 3G and 2G. Now that 4G is still not hot, 5G has emerged again. However, at this stage or 4G signal as the main existence. Therefore, can the Best Phone Case To Block Em For Cell Phone drop in the exam room block the 4G signal? This is a very important problem. In fact, at this stage, the latest test room cell phone jammer on the market is basically a standard configuration to upgrade and shield the 4G signal. However, some of the more cost-effective test room mobile phone signal jammers on the market at this stage can only block 2G or 3G signals. In fact, a long time ago, the communication industry has discussed the importance of devices such as mobile phone jammers. If my country can control the frequency band of wireless communication, many plans can be used to improve the stability of signal jammers. For example, we can turn off the communication base station during the college entrance examination period, so that the mobile phone has no signal reception road bridge, blocking the communication service. However, the difficulty of this strategy is that it will also block the communication services of other employees in the short term, and it is necessary to fully consider the general hazards.

Confidentiality of exam papers is the lifeblood of exam work. To this end, the Chengdu Examination Management Center cooperates with the public security department, and the security department conducts the construction and maintenance of standardized test centers for the county and district test paper command centers, installs the test room Best Phone Case To Block Em For Cell Phone , realizes the full coverage of the signal shielding range, and accepts the implementation of security and confidentiality work. And meet the standard before the exam. At present, the city's examination room offices have achieved all-round, no dead ends, high-definition video surveillance. In order to ensure the fairness of the college entrance examination, the education department has equipped more than 600 mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room and more than 1,300 metal detectors. It is also planned to send a radio monitoring vehicle to strengthen the monitoring and prevention of cheating in exams. Crack down on the sale of cheating equipment, purify the surrounding environment of test centers, and crack down on illegal and disciplinary violations of cheating.

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