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Pros And Cons Of Schools Blocking Cell Phone Service Blocking Voice Calls

Perfectjammer 2022/04/14

Pros And Cons Of Schools Blocking Cell Phone Service

Nowadays, when everyone's mobile phone communicates, it communicates with the communication base station according to the rising rate, and then transfers the signal to the mobile service exchange core to complete the voice call. In the standby state, the mobile phone operates the wireless channel to communicate with the communication base station according to the broadcast program. Once there is a voice call request, the mobile phone will first be allocated to the wireless channel of the mobile phone business process according to the request report and the details of the wireless channel around the terminal device, so that the mobile phone can automatically Jump to the wireless channel of the business process to complete the voice call and transfer data. Then combined with the above principles, we can get that 4g wireless network Pros And Cons Of Schools Blocking Cell Phone Service generally consists of switching power supply, scanning manipulation module, frequency control module by segment, amplifier module, sending wireless antenna module and other parts. cell phone jammer After the scanner signal passes through the inverter, it enters the oscillator and is allocated to the frequency band of the mobile communication technology, and then the output power is enlarged by the power amplifier circuit and the Zener diode is used to control the output power. way to send to the sky.

The fundamental reason that affects the price of 5g signal shielding equipment There is a basic law in social economics: the economic law is to use value to determine price, and the price fluctuates closely around the use value. This fundamental law is especially pronounced in the Pros And Cons Of Schools Blocking Cell Phone Service industry. Looking at the previous signal shielding projects, what can best reflect the market value is the real requirements of customers. In other words, what is really purchased is the shielding device that customers want. For example, in an area of ​​50m*50m in a room, the cost of no base station around it will be lower than that of a base station; the cost of a room that is wide and unobstructed will be lower than that of a block; 24-hour uninterrupted full-band shielding will Cheaper than intermittent partial frequency band shields; rough shields (as long as core shields) are cheaper than precision (signaling) shields. In the project, according to the needs of users, site layout, and signal strength, a shielding host + antenna distribution is generally used to build a shielding system. In this field, our jammers are very professional and effect-oriented and reliable technology. Government units and information security organizations give priority to purchasing our 5g signal shielding devices. Compared with a single device, the system software is more reliable, and its price also increases with the shielding. Varies depending on area size and site conditions.

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