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Block Cell Phone Tracking Iphone Blocks Network Signal

Perfectjammer 2022/01/11

With the continuous birth of high-tech products, criminals also use high-tech products in their crimes. On February 21 this year, workers at the well site in Changqing Oilfield watched more than a dozen oil thieves enter the well site to rob crude oil, but no matter how much they called the police, there was no signal. It turned out that the oil thief used Block Cell Phone Tracking Iphone to block the cell phone signal at the well site. On September 4, the police chief Qing Public Security Bureau arrested the main suspect in the case. In the early morning of February 21, 2010, several thieves suddenly entered the well site 23 in Qingyang City and stole crude oil from the storage tank. After the well site watcher found out, he picked up his mobile phone and called the police, but the phone could not be dialed out, and the watcher was controlled by the thief. After the incident, the police from Changqing Public Security Bureau quickly rushed to the scene of the incident to investigate. After investigation, the criminals blocked the signal at the well site in order to avoid watching the well workers call the police, and purchased generators, special mobile phones, Cell Phone Jammer and other crime tools before committing the crime. Immediately, the public security organs set up a task force to investigate the case.

On September 2, with the cooperation of the Qingyang Public Security Bureau, the task force arrested two main suspects, Wang and Yang, in the county town street of Huanxian County. Through the interrogation of the two, three other suspects including Yang Moumou also surfaced. On September 4, the police of the task force arrested the suspect Yang Moumou in Quzi Town, Huanxian County. After interrogation, the suspects Wang, Yang and Yang confessed to the criminal facts of participating in the 2.21 robbery. According to the account, in the early morning of February 21 this year, the criminal suspect Wang, together with Yang, Yang and other 5 people, drove a blue single-bridge fuel tanker to Huanxian Mubo with generators, Block Cell Phone Tracking Iphone , wires and other crime tools. In order to prevent the well-watching workers from calling the police, they placed cell phone jammers and generators near the well site in advance to block cell phone signals. Subsequently, the five people forcibly controlled the well-watching workers in the well-watching room, opened the oil storage tank at the well site, and robbed 15.96 tons of crude oil at the well site.