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WiFi jammer protects smart devices

Perfectjammer 2019-12-04

According to a recent study from the University of Minnesota, GSM cellular networks provide a sufficient amount of location information to allow different third parties to easily access the location of mobile phone users.

"We demonstrated that there was enough data from the lower layers of the common GSM communication stack that allowed the attacker to perform location tests directly on the victim's mobile phone. We have also demonstrated that these tests can be performed discreetly without the owner of the cell phone being informed by instantly terminating PSTN calls just before they are completed, "written by the authors of the document entitled GSM interface. ), which come from the College of Science and Engineering....

The publication of this article was presented at the 19th Annual Symposium on Network and Distributed Systems Security in San Diego. It is at a time when different operators, mobile phone manufacturers and software developers are incarcerated about the privacy of users. Reports released Friday on Google and other companies assumed that code on many iPhones allowed various companies to track the activities of users without their awareness. Apple itself swore earlier this week that it was going to purge these apps from its App Store, which sneakily grabbed users' contact lists. The software developer Carrier IQ was certainly at the center of the controversy over the last few months about whether many operators were using its modern technology to track all users in a complex way.

Scientists describe that wireless carriers' mobile towers must track their subscribers to record the previous route on their network and connect all phone calls successfully. Access to mobile phone tracking data should also be made available to law enforcement authorities for security purposes.

Scientists have demonstrated how easy it is to follow a cell phone in the 10-block Minneapolis area using the T-Mobile G1 smartphone with open source technologies. They did not contact the cellular service provider during their test.

As the facts above make clear, Minnesota scientists have once again proven that cell phones can be very dangerous gadgets giving vital information to unknown bad guys. Thus, you must prevent your cell phone jammer from losing data that allow him to track your position when you are not even aware of his actions.