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High Hidden Type 6 Bands Cellphone Jammer

$1336.13$781.64Save 35% Product Details

This signal jammer using a new photo-frame design, has a very high hidden performance. Able to jamming all cell phone signals, allowing you to enjoy a quiet moment. You can use it for a long time without being noticed by others.

Review 6 Bands High Hidden Performance Jammer

Date Added: 03/15/2018 by Jo Saxton

Very good camouflage! You can hang it in the living room as if nothing had happened!

Date Added: 12/24/2017 by Collins David

The design of the selectable buttons are really good and can choose the jamming bands easily! Unexpected excellent quality

Date Added: 12/03/2017 by Nicole Hall

Very interesting design, just look at the appearance does not look like a jammer. Very hidden, the jammer effect is very good

Date Added: 11/21/2017 by Bloor Percy

This a very high hidden performance jammer, suitable for sitting in the living room or conference room, no one will find that this is actually a jammer device!

Date Added: 11/16/2017 by Churchill Eddy

Very convenient jammer. Can effectively interfere with a variety of signals. Have to say, very deceptive appearance, it does not look like a jammer