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Cigarette Hidden Type Signal Jammer For GSM 3G CDMA DCS PHS

$324.42$131.39Save 55% Product Details

This jammer works for class rooms and small seminar halls , small meeting rooms and board rooms, Private offices, Bus and Vehicles, VIP and privacy-sensitive scenarios’ etc. This cell phone jammer appearance looks like a cigarette. No one will perceive it as a jamming device!!!

Review Cigarette Hidden Type Jammer

Date Added: 01/23/2018 by Edith Rusk

Very well concealed jammer!

Date Added: 12/12/2017 by Thodore Quick

Very clever design, you can put this jammer in cigarette box, unobtrusive.

Date Added: 12/04/2017 by Barton Jackson

This jammer works well from my bought day, and it also cover a unbelievable range with some bands, especially cellphone

Date Added: 11/20/2017 by Newton Lewis

Has very good hidden, it looks just like a pack of cigarettes. Can quietly jamming cell phone signal in the corner. Is a very good signal jammer

Date Added: 11/15/2017 by Christopher Leslie

Have a good working performance, cell phone signal completely isolated. Highly recommend this jammer