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Portable 2G 3G 4G LTE Lojack GPS WiFi Cell Phone Blocker

$3088.99$2650.99 Product Details

This portable jammer can really shield a lot of signals, although the price is a little more expensive, but this one can hold many jammers, and its cooling device is also very good, can work for a long time, without the trouble of overheating the equipment worry.

Review Portable GPS WiFi Blocker

Date Added: 01/26/2021 by Planinc Sandra

When I turn on the mobile phone jammer, it does block the CDMA DCS GSM 3G 4G WiFi WiFi signal. Amazing, helped me a lot, cheap and useful, not bad! ! ! I will look for other jammers, hoping to bring me a discount!

Date Added: 09/06/2020 by Planinc Sandra

I have received it. This detector is of good quality and many functions, the effect is accurate, and the seller is very patient to guide the installation and use. very satisfied

Date Added: 02/13/2020 by Lindon Molly

I just got this Jammer last week and tested it immediately. It can really effectively block 3G, 4G mobile phones, WiFi and CDMA GSM PHS signals. It is also very convenient to use, because I can decide one or two frequencies that need to be blocked. The adjustable design provides me with a perfect choice, an ideal signal jammer that is really worth buying! Your staff's after-sales service is very attentive. I'm very grateful.

Date Added: 12/31/2019 by whicker christopher

The GPS jammer is so cheap, there is no freight, but the delivery is fast! thank you all. It helps me a lot!

Date Added: 10/20/2019 by Budahl Robert

Very effective! Some weight at home. The quality is very good and the price is very favorable. Next time you need to buy again...