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Nx2 Override Gps Signal Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-27

Nx2 Override Gps Signal Jammer

A'GPS jammer' can make the remote control signal of the central control lock of the car within 10 meters fail and the door cannot be locked. In this way, two car thieves in Xi'an have stolen more than 20 cars in three months. A few days ago, a media in Xi’an reported that when the Xi’an Public Security Bureau was investigating multiple car and car theft cases at the end of last year, they discovered that these car thefts were different from previous criminals breaking car windows or picking locks. Car thieves use a kind of "Nx2 Override Gps Signal Jammer" to make the central control door lock of the car within 10 meters fail. After the car owner believes that the car is locked and stays away, the theft can be carried out calmly. The reporter learned that cases of car theft with similar "GPS jammers" are occurring frequently in some large cities across the country. There were many similar cases of car theft in Zhengzhou last year. Then, why these "electronic locks", which are quite popular among car owners, "fail" in front of "GPS jammers", and how should car owners prevent them? gps jammer

The car's remote control signal jammer has an effective distance of 40 meters. It can make the receiver completely unable to receive the remote control signal and lose the remote control function when it is working. There is a battery inside for power supply for up to eight hours. "Remote controlNx2 Override Gps Signal Jammer Mainly aimed at Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen series and other high-end cars. Small size, slightly larger than a lighter, can be operated directly in the palm of the hand, and have strong concealment. The operation is simple, only one switch is turned on and it is in a state of interference." After searching the Internet, I saw more than a dozen pages of related news. Various online shops selling similar "GPS jammers" can be seen everywhere. Afterwards, the reporter contacted a shopkeeper in Shenzhen via online telephone. "This product is mainly for the production of remote control locks for high-end cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Toyota, Honda, and Volkswagen series. The effect is reliable." A man on the phone said that the jammer he sold is very simple to use, just press the button When the car owner remotely locks the door, press and hold the GPS jammer button against the car, the jammer will emit an electromagnetic wave that interferes with the electronic signal of the remote control key, so that the door cannot be locked. There are three types of remote control signal jammers: large, medium and small, which are as good as the original car and the remote control lock. The price varies according to the strength of the signal, and the difference between imported or domestic products. So, are these "jammers" available for sale in the Zhengzhou market? The reporter then learned through some channels, “This kind of thing is obviously an illegal tool for theft. Everyone will not trouble yourself to sell this.” Manager Wang, who has been in the Zhengzhou auto parts market for many years, told the reporter that the market is currently available in Zhengzhou. No car remote control signal jammers and interceptors have been found for sale.

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