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Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Reviews

Perfectjammer 2021-10-26

Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Reviews

Mobile phone signals are available in all directions, but incoming calls at any time can sometimes be annoying, not to mention that major affairs such as meetings and negotiations must avoid interference --- so some manufacturers "seize business opportunities" and introduce "Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Reviews". Faced with this "new product", the government's functional department clearly announced that this product management department has not approved, and the use of frequency bands without assignment can not be produced, operated and used. The "mobile phone signal jammer" manufacturer’s promotional materials stated: "This product mainly screens mobile phone frequencies and generates shielding and cutting signals. It can successfully cut off mobile phone signals within a radius of 20 meters from the transmitting source. Transmission and reception. It also has functions such as anti-eavesdropping and anti-static fire and explosion. cell phone jammer

According to the analysis of professionals, this product sends its own signal and uses the interference principle. If the product is genuine and at a reasonable price, it can indeed shield the mobile phone signal. The reporter called two manufacturers in Tianjin and Beijing. The operator in Beijing said that the product is still there. Selling, but the specific situation is not clear. The Tianjin company said: Agents are welcome, you have customers in Harbin, and the effect is very good. "Mobile phone signals are wireless signals. They are public resources. Can they be disturbed at will? The staff of the Radio Management Office of the Heilongjiang Provincial Information Industry Department clearly stated that this product is not allowed by the state. The use of radio signals is the right of legitimate users. Interference is infringement and disrupts the order of radio waves. The production of radio equipment must be approved by the national radio management department and assigned signal frequency bands. Cell Phone Robocall Blocker Reviews Unapproved, illegal products.

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