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Schools use cell phone jammers in student dormitories

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Wuxi meicun high school has installed a mobile phone jammer in the boys' dormitory building in order to prevent students from playing mobile phones in the middle of the night from disturbing their rest. In this regard, there are students applauded, that the school is for their own good; Some students think this is a sign that the school does not trust students, and the signal shield is radioactive, which will bring bad effects on students' health. On this issue, parents are basically unified, that is, agree with the school's approach; As the competent authority, the education bureau is not encouraging this, and it is up to parents to decide whether schools should install cell phone jammer. However, most parents are in favor of the school

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to meicun high school, outside the school asked three students, they said that they have heard of the school in the student dormitory installed signal shield, but because not live in school, so they have not seen these signal shield. Later, the reporter contacted the principal zhu yimin, she did not deny that the school in the boys' dormitory installed signal shielding device.

There are three male dormitories and three female dormitories, each with five floors. Most students live on campus. Every night, after more than 9 PM students go back to the dormitory for self-study, the teachers of each class have to inspect the dormitory at least twice. Some time ago, when the teacher was patrolling the dormitory, he found some students surfing the Internet on their mobile phones in bed. In order to prevent students from playing mobile phones in the middle of the night and let them have a better rest, the school installed a number of mobile phone signal blockers in the boys' dormitory building the other day, zhu said. Because time is tight, the school has not had time to apply for permission from the relevant departments.

"The installation of mobile phone signal blockers does not affect students' communication with the outside world." Zhu yimin said that the school has installed a fixed telephone on each floor, which is convenient for students to call home.