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Perfectjammer 2021/11/15

In order to facilitate the smooth implementation of the college entrance examination in 2020 and improve the management ability of the test sites, Suzhou Mobile recently established a college entrance examination guarantee team to provide full support for the college entrance examination communication service. This year, Suzhou has set up a total of 24 college entrance examination test centers. In order to prevent the college entrance examination test site opening Motorola Cell Phone Block Number from affecting the perception of surrounding users, Suzhou Mobile collects the list of test sites covered communities in advance, and sends SMS notifications to all community residents within the range of the mobile phone jammer in the college entrance examination test site. During the test period, the school's mobile phone signal jammer may cause problems such as inability to make and receive calls, intermittent calls, and inability to access the Internet. This raises the public's awareness of signal shielding issues during the college entrance examination and guides citizens to reasonably avoid mobile phone signal shielding during the college entrance examination. It is understood that the background of Suzhou Mobile Network also guarantees parameters that affect cell synchronization, modifies power control parameters, optimizes voice quality, and increases uplink transmission power to allow citizens to have a better perception of the environment in the presence of strong interference. "Suzhou Mobile’s service is indeed in place. Please send us a text message in advance. Our neighborhood is Suzhou No. A little inconvenience is nothing. cell phone jammer

In order to ensure the smooth and safe progress of the college entrance examination, Suzhou Mobile conducted inspections and inspections of the equipment, computer rooms, and circuits involved in the test sites one week before the college entrance examination, determined emergency protection plans in advance, and carried out network security work. In Zhangjiagang, as a member of the monitoring team, Zhangjiagang Mobile is mainly responsible for ensuring the normal operation of the monitoring equipment in the confidential room of the Zhangjiagang Examination Command Center, ensuring real-time monitoring of test paper storage, distribution, and recycling. Invigilation is smooth. During the test period, Zhangjiagang Mobile arranged a dedicated site to monitor the network capacity and interference around the test site in real time, and a dedicated person in the background monitors the status of the test site’s community at all times, and performs dynamic control to ensure the smooth progress of the test. "The annual college entrance examination is a major event in the lives of many students. We must do our best to ensure that candidates can go to the exam with peace of mind and achieve good results." said Zhu Gong, a network engineer at Suzhou Mobile. In addition, Suzhou Mobile also arranges special personnel to be on duty to ensure that the network is reopened as soon as possible after each test, and to minimize the communication impact caused by the test Motorola Cell Phone Block Number on surrounding citizens and parents of test takers.