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Green environmental protection 12-way mobile phone signal jammer can be recharged for use


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Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Model EOSC1209US
Power: supply AC110~220-DC15V/3A
Shielding area: 0.5-2 M @ according to signal density mobile network
Power consumption: 48W
Weight: 1.3Kg
Side(length ×wind ×high): 170×40×96 cm
Product Packing List * Hand-held 12-way * 1 set
* Car Power * 1 plece
* The antennas * 12 plece
* 15V power supply * 1 plece
* The instructions * 1 plece
 Output interface  Shield band of frequency  RF output power  Output power/channel
  Antenna 1  1800-1930MHz  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz (min)
  Antenna 2  2500-2700MHz  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz (min)
  Antenna 3  3400-3600MHz  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz (min)
  Antenna 4  850-960MHZ  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz (min)
  Antenna 5  2000-2170MHz  30dBm  4dBm/30KHz (min)
  Antenna 6  315 MHz  30dBm  4dBm/30KHz (min)
  Antenna 7  750-900MHZ  30dBm  5dBm/30KHz (min)
  Antenna 8  1500-1620MHZ  30dBm  5dBm/30KHz(min)
  Antenna 9  2300-25000MHZ  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz(min)
  Antenna 10  1800-1930MHZ  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz(min)
  Antenna 11  2500-2700MHZ  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz(min)
  Antenna 12  433MHZ  30dBm  2dBm/30KHz(min)

Product Informations

The 12-channel cell phone signal jammer is a green and environmentally friendly cell phone signal jammer, which only blocks the reception of the on-site cell phone and has no impact on the surrounding base stations. This machine adopts 12 channels of output, which can shield various mobile phone signals in the range of 1-10 meters (depending on the signal strength of the base station) in domestic and foreign mobile phones; contact was completely cut off.


The working mode of the machine is controlled by the power supply

1. Open the box, check whether the accessories are complete, remove the antenna protective cap, install the antenna, and tighten the numbers on the antenna to the numbers on the host.

2. Make sure that the antenna is correct, turn on the power switch, and observe that each green indicator on the host lights up.

3. Charge for 6-8 hours. When charging, you need to observe the charging indicator. When the charging indicator turns off, the charging is complete.


1. The farther the portable unit is from the base station, the farther the shielding distance will be. Example GSM When the signal field strength of the base station at the installation point is -75dBmv, the maximum distance between the shielding center is about 2 meters. The greater the signal field strength of the base station, the smaller the shielding distance. When the signal and signal field strength of the base station is greater than -35dBmv, the maximum distance between the center of the screen item is only 0.5-]m.

2. The shielding range is a circular area centered on the machine. The screen hidden signal is sent by the host and spreads outward from strong to weak. Appropriate placement should be selected at the application site, and cellular placement should be adopted to make the shielded signal evenly distributed.

3. Human bodies, objects, walls, etc. will block the transmission of shielded signals. When using, try to avoid obstacles.

4. The machine should be used in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight and rain and fog invasion.

Installation Notes

1. Before installing this device, be sure to install the antenna correctly according to the signs, and then turn on the power to avoid the machine being damaged. It can be used in small-scale shielding places such as vehicles, offices, etc.

2. The device comes with a rechargeable battery, which can be recharged and used for 2 hours at a time. It has a battery protection function inside, constant current voltage charging has overcurrent and overheat protection, charging status indication, and charging current detection. If it has not been used for a long time, please pay attention to the maintenance charging every half month.

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