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Cell Phone Remote Control Blocker App

Perfectjammer 2021/10/29

A reporter from China Youth Network contacted an operator’s technical person. The person introduced that Cell Phone Remote Control Blocker App works by sending signals in a specific electromagnetic wave frequency band, which interferes with the normal communication signals of mobile phones. In this incident, candidates can upload pictures to the Internet through their mobile phones in the examination room. Two situations cannot be ruled out: First, the candidate's location is not within the effective distance covered by the mobile phone jammer; second, the mobile phone jammer The affected frequency does not cover all communication frequency bands used by all operators, and candidates may connect to the Internet through a certain frequency band. The person analyzed that if the mobile phone signal jammer used in the test site was designed for the mainstream communication frequency at the time of the factory, and the new 5G network was not considered, the 5G signal might not be able to fully shield the 5G signal. It has been widely used, and mobile phone jammer equipment needs to keep up with the development of the times." cell phone jammer

The dean of the School of Electronics and Information and the Dean of the School of Microelectronics of South China University of Technology also stated in an interview with Nanfang Daily that at present, the communication technology is constantly upgrading, and the 5G signal format is different from the original 4G format. The old model Cell Phone Remote Control Blocker App equipment cannot be completely Interference with 5G signals is also possible. "Chutian Metropolis Daily" reported in 2015 that before the college entrance examination that year, Wuhan City updated all equipment such as mobile phone signal jammers and metal detectors in all test sites. Among them, the signal jammer has been upgraded to shield the latest 4G signals that have been activated in some domestic cities, and the WiFi signals at the test sites will also be shielded. "At present, it is doubtful whether the existing signal jammers in some test centers can completely shield all operators' signals." On June 9, a high school teacher in Wuhan introduced that the school would turn on the mobile phones in the classroom every major exam. Jammers, but she and her colleagues have had this experience many times: using mobile phones of different operators close to the classroom, some have no signal at all, "some still have signal".