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Verizon Anonymous Call Block Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/12/31

At Cyber ​​Digital Plaza, Hongqi Road, Lumuqi, many businesses are openly selling an electronic instrument called " Verizon Anonymous Call Block Cell Phone ". Its function is so powerful that it makes people feel uneasy: a metal box worth about 200 yuan can even make a mobile phone. "Turn off the fire"? "This is a'mobile phone jammer', which can prevent the mobile phone from making calls and receiving incoming calls." On September 14, the stall owner was introducing to a customer in front of a booth in Cyber ​​Digital Plaza. Cell Phone Jammer ". The stall owner gave a demonstration to the customer while introducing it. He picked up a metal box the size of a mobile phone with a few antennas, and after some debugging, he asked customers and other onlookers whether the mobile phone still had a signal. Everyone took out their mobile phones and fiddled with them. They all said that there was no signal on the mobile phones and they could not make and receive calls.

This type of " Verizon Anonymous Call Block Cell Phone " is not the only point of sale in Cyber ​​Digital Plaza, and the manufacturer and address are not marked on the outer packaging of the product. According to different shielding ranges, the price of "mobile phone signal jammer" ranges from 100 yuan to 300 yuan. Many organizations now use this kind of shou in order to prevent employees from answering the phone during a meeting from affecting the meeting process. It is understood that the "mobile phone signal jammer" can block GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/PCS/3G mobile phone signals within a radius of about 30.5-15 meters, making it impossible for mobile phones in the area to make and receive calls. The mobile phone has no signal, no service system, etc. Some people welcome and worry about the signal shielding systems sold on the market. During the college entrance examination, the radio monitoring vehicle outside the examination room shielded mobile phone signals to combat cheating in the examination room, which played a positive role. However, some citizens of Urumqi City said that the abuse of such equipment threatens citizens' freedom of communication and may even become a tool for criminals to commit crimes.