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How To Block Spam Cell Phone Calls

Perfectjammer 2021-11-02

How To Block Spam Cell Phone Calls

What is shocking is that the examination room management is almost useless. According to regulations, candidates cannot bring their mobile phones into the examination room, but because the rules are not strictly enforced, many candidates bring their mobile phones into the examination room and use WeChat to obtain examination information provided outside the examination room. The test room originally installed the How To Block Spam Cell Phone Calls of the mobile phone signal, but the staff concerned said that the mobile phone jammer had been broken for a long time and would not be repaired before the test. The inspection of mobile phones entering the examination room was also lax, and the staff also concealed it with "humanity". In stark contrast to the rampant fraud is the cowardice of the victims. The reporter of this fraud was the father of the examinee Xiao Liu. Although the fraudulent behavior of others hit Xiao Liu a great deal and made him very desperate, he opposed his father's report, "...I am known to be hated, how can I behave?" Another parent also opposed the report. , Said that reporting is not good for the child. cell phone jammer

The perpetrators disagree, and the victim swallows his voice. How could this happen? Who should bear the main responsibility? Cheating tramples on the seriousness and authority of the exam, which is not only detrimental to the overall development of the students, but also tramples on the fairness of education. . How To Block Spam Cell Phone Calls Let the education sector's reform efforts such as the "Trinity" implemented in recent years be underestimated. In exchange, people's distrust of reforms is undermining the healthy and sustainable development of education. Educational fairness is a manifestation of social fairness. Fairness in examinations is the bottom line of fairness in education. Fraud in examination rooms is a breakthrough to the bottom line and is absolutely intolerable.

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