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Cell Phone Call Block App

Perfectjammer 2021-11-2

Cell Phone Call Block App

This year, Ningbo has set up a total of 9 examination areas, 37 examination centers, and 1,326 examination rooms. During the test period, all test rooms in Ningbo are equipped with video surveillance. Each test site is equipped with mobile phone detectors and wireless earphone detectors. Cell Phone Call Block App is installed in each test site. The radio management department of Ningbo will also arrange radio patrol cars to patrol around the test site, monitor the radio signals around the test site, and strictly prevent high-tech cheating. cell phone jammer

Qingdao City strictly regulates the management of college entrance examination examinations. Candidates will conduct Cell Phone Call Block App detection in the monitoring area before entering the examination room. The national education examination inspection and command system has been activated for the first time, realizing the video, voice, and text of the examination areas and test centers throughout the city during the examination. Two-way intercommunication has effectively improved the emergency response and command capabilities of examination management. Starting in late May, Chongqing has launched four special actions to combat the sale of cheating equipment, purify the test-related network environment, purify the surrounding environment of test sites, and combat cheating for the test, comprehensively control the college entrance examination environment, and maintain fairness and justice in the test.

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