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Cell Phone With Blocked Voicemail

Perfectjammer 2021-10-29

Cell Phone With Blocked Voicemail

Recently, Jingdezhen City Mobile Branch filed a complaint with the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau, claiming that there was unidentified signal interference near Jidu Town in Leping, and the base station could not communicate normally. According to his preliminary judgment, the interference location area is in the Yang Zian area, with a range of about 3 kilometers. On February 16, the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau organized technical personnel to rush to the interference site as soon as possible to investigate the interference. Due to the large interference range, the technicians used the portable spectrum analyzer PR100 to monitor in the middle of the village on foot according to the characteristics of the interference area in the rural area. The direction was measured at a higher location near Chuanxian Village and found that the signal tended to increase in the northeast direction. . Tracking on foot in this direction, it turned out that outside the fence of a farmyard, the signal suddenly increased, and the bottom noise in the base station's operating frequency band was all uplifted. Obviously, Cell Phone With Blocked Voicemail is transmitting. cell phone jammer

Walked into the farmyard and continued to search, and found in the yard Cell Phone With Blocked Voicemail which was erected without authorization. Turn off the mobile phone jammer, the mobile base station interference is eliminated, and communication returns to normal. It was verified that the mobile phone signal jammer was purchased and used by a car mortgage company in Leping to shield the car's mobile phone positioning signal. Law enforcement officers temporarily detained mobile phone jammers and provided legal education to those involved in the case. Since late March, the Shijiazhuang Non-Regulatory Bureau has successively received complaints from Shijiazhuang Mobile Company, stating that multiple communication base stations near the Shengjing Bafang Community in the East Development Zone have been severely disturbed and the normal lives of mobile phone users have been affected. On the morning of March 31, Shijiazhuang Non-Regulatory Bureau sent law enforcement technicians to the location of the interference to carry out location and investigation, and finally located the interference source in a remote personal mortgage company warehouse in the community. The interference signal was privately set up by the personal mortgage company. The car GPS jammer is produced. With the cooperation of public security personnel, law enforcement officers removed 7 sets of mobile phone signal jammers that were working, and the interference was eliminated immediately. At present, the case is further handled by the local public security agency.

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