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Cell Phone Call Number Blocker

Perfectjammer 2021-11-01

Cell Phone Call Number Blocker

This Dragon Boat Festival holiday is extraordinary. The students who participated in the college entrance examination entered the examination room with dreams and hopes. Outside the examination room, the eager anticipation of parents and the transportation, safety, and examination protection from all walks of life are indispensable. Langfang Mobile’s network maintenance buddies After being busy during the college entrance examination, I will do my best to provide test support and caring services. Jointly develop and act quickly. On the premise of ensuring the smooth flow of the network, Langfang Mobile actively cooperates with the Municipal Radio Administration Bureau to monitor abnormal signals, purify the network environment, and combat cheating in examinations. Regarding the Cell Phone Call Number Blocker question opened during the exam, Langfang Mobile released information through the new media platform in a timely manner to explain and reassure customers. cell phone jammer

Pre-inspection and pre-repair to optimize the network. Langfang Mobile carried out inspections of optical cable lines and Cell Phone Call Number Blockerequipment around 16 test sites in the whole district one by one and checked for hidden danger points, and carried out resource verification and indicator monitoring of more than 70 base stations around test sites in advance, and estimated the traffic volume during the college entrance examination and accumulated capacity expansion. 33 cells, adjust the parameters more than a hundred times. Emergency protection, caring service. During the college entrance examination, Langfang Mobile implemented 7*24-hour network monitoring, established an emergency maintenance team, and made emergency reserves of oil machines, batteries and other materials, and gave priority to ensuring the stability of the network around the test site. At the same time, Langfang Mobile has carried out volunteer service activities to assist in examinations, set up college entrance examination service points to provide students with school supplies, and provide rest areas for parents and staff waiting outside the venue.

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