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Gps Jammer Vehicle Russia

Perfectjammer 2021-10-29

Gps Jammer Vehicle Russia

According to the Wuhou Public Security Criminal Police, the so-called "locking jammer" is a Gps Jammer Vehicle Russia, which transmits electromagnetic waves to shield the electromagnetic waves of the car's remote control, so that the car is in a "fake lock" state. For this type of "high-tech", car owners don't need to panic, they just need to be extra mindful and pull the door after getting off the car and unlocking the remote control. In addition, this interference effect is not effective for all target vehicles. The police said that the use of jammers to commit crimes is not new, and it has sporadically appeared in Chengdu two or three years ago. The thieves mostly buy GPS jammers online and choose to commit crimes in places where restaurants are concentrated and vehicles are parked frequently. Such places are messy and frequent, and it is not easy to attract the attention of people around and the owners themselves. gps jammer

By combing through the cases that have occurred in Chengdu in recent years, the police have summed up two modus operandi. One is "waiting for the rabbit", hiding near the parking lot. Once the vehicle is parked, the timing of touching Gps Jammer Vehicle Russia can be accurately grasped within its sight monitoring range to achieve high-efficiency and successful interference; the second is "tailing tactics". In July 2012, a female driver parked her car in a community on Qingrong Road, Hongpailou, Chengdu. She did not know that a small car was behind her. The suspect who was only 5 meters away activated the jammer and then turned it on. The 2 million yuan in cash in the trunk went hand in hand. The police reminded that the most primitive method is often the most effective. You only need to pull the door and trunk a lot after you get off the car and release the lock remotely. If the lock is found to be abnormal, you should immediately switch to a manual lock to increase the safety factor. At the same time, park the car in a crowded temporary area, and pay attention to whether there are suspicious people and trailing vehicles around. A more secure method is to not put valuables such as cash, bank cards and documents in the car.

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