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Books On Making 5G Gps Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-10-28

Books On Making 5G Gps Jammer

Recently, when Mr. Xu, a citizen, was about to drive away after attending a party, he found that the 20,000 yuan in cash in a shoulder bag in the car was missing. Mr. Xu suspected the theft, but what was strange was that he had clearly locked the car door before and there was no trace of the car being smashed. What method did the thief use to steal the cash? The incident occurred at about 12 noon that day. After receiving the report, the police inspected the vehicle carefully and discovered that the thief was likely to use Books On Making 5G Gps Jammer to steal. The police investigated the scene and surrounding surveillance, and finally locked and arrested two suspects. gps jammer

Upon examination, the suspects Li and Qu were both from Guangxi. According to accounts, on the same day, they used Books On Making 5G Gps Jammer to interfere with the car's door locking system in the parking lot of a restaurant in Xinhui. In less than 1 minute, they stole a laptop computer in a car and fled the scene. Subsequently, the suspect Li and the same man named "A Yuan" used the same method in a restaurant in Xinhui to steal 20,000 yuan from Mr. Xu's car. The Xinhui police have criminally detained Mr. Lee and Mr. Qu who were suspected of theft in accordance with the law. The police reminded that the "lock car jammer" is a GPS jammer that emits electromagnetic waves to shield the electromagnetic waves of the car's remote control, so that the car is in a "fake lock" state. After the car owner locks the car with the remote control key, don't leave in a hurry. Be sure to develop the habit of pulling the car door at will, and make sure that the car door is locked before leaving. At the same time, do not leave valuables in the car.

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