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Block Restricted Calls From Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-10-31

Block Restricted Calls From Cell Phone

Yesterday, the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office issued a welcome reminder: All test centers and test rooms for the college entrance examination this year will be equipped with "electronic eyes" and equipped with metal detectors, Block Restricted Calls From Cell Phone. According to the Municipal Recruitment Office, this year there are 53 test centers in our city for college entrance examinations, with 1773 test rooms and 13 test paper secret rooms. All test centers and test rooms are equipped with electronic monitoring systems. The Ministry of Education, the Provincial Examination Institute and the Municipal Recruitment Office implement online monitoring and patrol examinations of all test centers and test rooms, and conduct monitoring and video recording throughout the process. Each test center is equipped with metal detectors and mobile phone jammers. Candidates must conduct metal detection before entering the venue for each test.  cell phone jammer

“During the exam, some candidates are likely to bring watches, mobile phones and other objects into the exam room by mistake. This violates the exam requirements.” The municipal admissions office reminded that silent wall clocks will be installed in the exam room, and candidates are prohibited from wearing watches. The signal shall prevail. 40 minutes before each examination, candidates will enter the venue after passing the metal detector security check with their admission ticket and ID card. The examination room is equipped with ring-shaped monitoring equipment, using a computer monitoring system, 360-degree full monitoring of the examination room without dead ends, the examination room video and the detachment remote docking monitoring, realizing the whole process of video recording. Install Block Restricted Calls From Cell Phone in the examination room to effectively shield all communication signals within the examination room. The waiting room is equipped with waiting seats for students to rest and is connected to 4 monitoring screens in the examination room, so that candidates in the waiting room can watch the situation of the examination room in real time through the monitoring screen, ensuring that the examination work is fair and open, and realizing sunny examinations.

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