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All Handheld 5 Bands 2G 3G GPS Jammer

$677.53$339.88 Product Details

I used to be inattentive when I was driving. I always looked at my phone while driving. My wife bought this jammer specifically to make my driving safer. At first, I was quite angry. Later, I drove Open the portable jammer consciously, this jammer is really easy to use, and the shielding effect is also very obvious.

Review All Handheld 5 Bands 2G 3G GPS Jammer

Date Added: 01/27/2020 by Reis Esther

I am very satisfied with this Jammer. From now on, I can fully enjoy my privacy. Considering the quality and function, the price is cheap. Thank you, will come to buy again!

Date Added: 12/10/2020 by Ogden Lee

I received the jammer yesterday and it is in good condition. The size is small and the weight is not heavy. It's really easy to get rid of.

Date Added: 09/23/2020 by Zombie TheNames

I am very impressed and satisfied with the delivery service. In my office in California, the delivery service is indeed very fast. I received the item on the 5th day after payment.

Date Added: 09/07/2020 by Kenyon Fred

As mobile phone usage increases, I need a way to improve efficiency. After turning on the power for three seconds, it started to work. The phone has no signs of signal loss or malfunction, so the user only thinks it is his or her service. magical!

Date Added: 08/12/2020 by baldwin jacquelyn

Compared with many other online stores, the price of this Jammer is really cheap, and the performance of Jammer is also very good! It's really great, especially the design of optional interference bands. Highly recommended!

Date Added: 04/17/2020 by Beauvois Julien

When I turn on the mobile phone jammer, it does block the CDMA DCS GSM 3G 4G WiFi WiFi signal. Amazing, helped me a lot, cheap and useful, not bad! ! ! I will look for other jammers, hoping to bring me a discount!

Date Added: 02/15/2020 by Callipari Bruno

I have received it. This detector is of good quality and many functions, the effect is accurate and the seller is very patient to guide the installation and use. very satisfied