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Products By Frequency

Do you ever have a neighbor put a radio on 24h ? Can you ever bear this ? Do you ever have a neighbor play his RC car, plane on there garden all day long with huge noise ? Or perhaps you have a very like talking on the phone loudly neighbors, he often call late into the night

These neighbors are all un-welcome people, they don’t count about other people’s feeling and play on will. Now you don’t have to bear for these things. With a Radio Frequency Jammer You can easily have their Radio Frequency down. They will not affect you any more. Stay on enjoying the privacy you deserved. Of course, if you choose the right frequency of cell phone jammer. There is no doubt that you use 3 g jammers to prevent natural 4 g signal is impossible.

Frequency jamming is the disruption of radio signals through use of an over-powered signal in the same frequency range. The purpose of jamming signal is to offset or overwrite the same frequency band signal.

When most people think of frequency jamming, what comes to mind are radio, radar and cell phone jamming. However, any communication that uses radio frequencies can be jammed by a strong radio signal in the same frequency. In this manner, Wi-Fi may be attacked with a network jamming attack, reducing signal quality until it becomes unusable or disconnects occur. With very similar methods, a focused and aimed signal can actually break access point hardware, as with equipment destruction attacks.

So, in fact, the signal interference will only be specific to the specific signal, and will not block the normal use of your other electronic devices. So when you use a jammer, don't worry about your other devices being affected.