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Products By Functions

This jammers can be used in conference rooms and whenever there is an operational need to jam Wi-Fi, cellular or satellite communications. By using this device, you can create a good meeting environment, and you don't have to worry about someone answering the phone in the middle of the meeting.

Other advantage of cell phone jammer is that you’ll be able to cease the irritative interruption by telephone ringing while you are making an extremely important call. Before the mobile telephone begins ringing in the middle of an important deal that you are making, why not block it with the splendid tool? This Global System for Mobile Communications jammer will restrict the usage of mobile phones where quietness is irremissible.

You can select the jammer of different function combinations according to your needs. We have prepared dozens of common functional combinations for you, and we hope you can find the products you need quickly.

According to the combination of different frequency signals, you can get jamming devices suitable for all kinds of occasions. Such as classrooms, churches, libraries, prisons, conference rooms, lecture halls, offices, etc. It can be used in many situations to meet all kinds of needs.