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Signal PCS 1920-1990MHz

In Canada, Mexico and the United States, PCS are provided in the "1900 MHz band" (specifically 1850-1990 MHz). This frequency band was designated by the United States FCC and Industry Canada to be used for new wireless services to alleviate capacity caps inherent in the original AMPS and D-AMPS cellular networks in the "850 MHz band" (specifically 800-894 MHz). These frequency bands are particular to North America and other frequency bands may be designated in other regions. Of course, because the band began to be used, the government has also had to strengthen the supervision of the new band.

Therefore, this frequency cell phone jammer is only suitable for use in North America. Before choosing this type of jammer, please pay attention to your area. Otherwise, you may not be able to interfere with the PCS signal or the interference effect is not ideal.

Such jammers are often used in military operations or police raids and are usually procured by government agencies on a large scale. Can effectively cut off the links between criminals
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