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Mobile Signal 4G 2300-2400MHz

2336 - 2386 MHz is assigned spectrum permissions for video PMSE. Additionally, the channels 2323-2331 MHz and 2386-2394 MHz are allowed for mobile video links through the General Terms of Use License Regulations (Free Press Regulations). The frequency range 2301-22323 is assigned as a service and technology neutral license. As one of the most popular 4G bands in the us, mobile operators in the us now support the band. Therefore, the corresponding product 4 g jammers and is one of the America's most popular products.

The 4G signal is currently the newer signal frequency band, which is popular in the United States. If you need to stop your mobile phone signals from being tapped, this frequency cell phone jammer is one of your best choices. At the same time, this kind of frequency band interference equipment is also effective in maintaining the order of the venue and ensuring the fairness of the exams.

Now, major prisons, important government departments will purchase such equipment to prevent information leakage and confidentiality. In 2019, America's prisons are expected to make such devices widely available
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