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Mobile Signal 4G 790-862Mhz

The 790-862Mhz signal is one of the commonly used 4G signal bands. Is the common signal frequency band in the United States and Canada. Typically, most 4G signal carriers offer this frequency band signal. Therefore, at present each on a 4 g jammers has pick up the band. Arguably, it is one of the essential spectrum.

As one of the most common signals in smartphones, the 4G signal is a must for the cell phone jammer. In a time when 4G is so ubiquitous, it will be difficult to function if the jamming device does not have the 4G signal interference function.

Such devices are useful for maintaining order in the venue and ensuring the fairness of the exams. In recent years, many education institutions and cinemas have started to purchase such jamming devices. So far, Japan and China have used such devices on a large scale
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