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Fabric Signal Blocking Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-6

Fabric Signal Blocking Cell Phone

On the 23rd, the reporter visited a number of car decoration repair shops in Dongying City and found that some businesses were selling car electronic jammers. According to a salesperson of an automobile decoration shop on Beier Road, the original intention of the merchant to produce electronic Fabric Signal Blocking Cell Phone is to help units and citizens work better, and has powerful functions in shielding signals. "We generally file the record when we sell, and ask customers about the purpose of the purchase." The reporter saw in most online shopping malls that there are many selling electronic mobile phone jammers, and the price ranges from a few hundred yuan to 5,000 yuan. Because there are too many varieties, the merchants did not make any inquiry or filing in order to compete when selling, but just sold them indiscriminately. I saw the introduction of a car electronic mobile phone jammer marked as strong anti-remote control and anti-interference, suitable for various car models, and the maximum distance of remote control interference is 1000 meters. cell phone jammer

The merchant also introduced that this electronic Fabric Signal Blocking Cell Phone has the most obvious effect on Audi and Volkswagen. In this regard, the reporter contacted the Dongying City Association for Science and Technology, and the staff introduced that the car electronic jammer is actually a signal jammer, which does not have functions such as decoding and unlocking, and can only interfere with the owner's locking of the car. The electronic lock of each vehicle has a different radio wave frequency, most of which are in a similar frequency band. When the owner uses the electronic key to drive, the vehicle can receive the corresponding radio wave to control the door lock. The police reminded that in recent years, cases of using car electronic mobile phone jammers to carry out theft activities have emerged one after another. After some criminals have purchased the device, they often use electronic jammers to engage in theft activities. The police reminded car owners not to put valuables in the car, and at the same time, after locking the car, check whether it is really locked.

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