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Costco Blocked Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-5

Costco Blocked Cell Phone

In order to deal with suspicious items found in subway security inspections, especially suspected explosives, this year the subway police added a security bizarre signal shielding device. Once a suspected explosive is found in a subway station, the police will first dispatch a signal shielding device to shield all wireless signals within a range of 50 meters to prevent criminals from remotely detonating. Next, the police will launch a mobile X-ray machine to determine the nature of suspected explosives through X-ray irradiation. If it is determined that it is an explosive device, the emergency plan will be activated immediately, the explosives will be isolated and professional detonation personnel will be asked to enter the site. According to the subway police, Costco Blocked Cell Phone and mobile X-ray machines are both new emergency equipment this year. Among them, mobile X-ray machines can carry out temporary security checks at any site at any time during daily work, or support large passenger flows during the Youth Olympic Games. Security checkpoints have been added to the stations. In view of the situation that passengers carry a lot of liquids such as beverages in summer, 40 liquid detectors have been added this year, which can identify the safety of liquids in five seconds and improve the efficiency of security inspections. cell phone jammer

For your smooth ride, the subway police remind you not to bring the following prohibited items on the subway: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, alcohol, paint, butane gas and other combustibles; detonators, explosives, fireworks, gas tanks and other explosives ; Firearms and ammunition, controlled knives, bow and crossbowCostco Blocked Cell Phone and other contraband; pesticides, potassium cyanide and other highly toxic chemicals; sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other corrosive products, especially hair gel, mousse, lighter oil and 60 Liquor above degree. Kitchen knives that are non-regulated knives can be carried, but sharp surfaces need to be protected. During the Youth Olympics, the subway police do not encourage passengers to bring kitchen knives into the subway, so as not to delay time during the security check and affect your travel time. For those who violate the regulations and refuse to listen to the police's dissuasion, the subway police will conduct serious investigations in accordance with the law. If subway passengers find that there are suspicious persons around them carrying various inflammable and explosive products, such as fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, etc., during the journey, please dial 110 to provide clues to the subway police immediately, and the subway police will immediately be present to deal with them. Strictly prevent dangerous goods from being brought into the subway area. According to the new "Nanjing Rail Transit Regulations", folding bicycles and pets (except guide dogs) are also prohibited from being brought into the subway.

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