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How To Block Number Verizon Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021-11-04

How To Block Number Verizon Cell Phone

First of all, the principle of our commonly used communication equipment is that a mobile phone establishes a wireless channel with a base station, and a cellular network is established between the base station and the base station, thereby realizing the communication and network functions of the mobile phone. Since each type of communication has its own frequency band, and different frequency bands are regulated by the country for different purposes, various communication devices generally do not interfere with each other. What should I do if I want to block cell phone communication in a certain area? Those who are interested should notice that every year before the college entrance examination, there will be a car like this How To Block Number Verizon Cell Phone near the examination room. Signal shielding equipment in the car will send a large number of interference signals in the common communication frequency band. These signals will cause the base station within the range to be unable to receive the coded signals sent by normal terminals (such as mobile phones, receivers, etc.), so as to achieve the purpose of blocking signals.

The instrument in the signal shielding car will send a large number of interference signals in the common communication frequency band, and the problem is here. According to expert analysis, “the current How To Block Number Verizon Cell Phone is shielded according to the signal frequency band, but the 5G network uses some previously useless new frequency bands, such as the 3.5GHz frequency band, which eventually led to the omission of signal shielding in the examination room.” It is actually very simple to want signal leakage to occur again, as long as the official research and development purchase a batch of cell phone jammer with stronger shielding capabilities and more comprehensive shielding frequency bands. However, if such cheating incidents do not occur again, it is still necessary for the invigilators to wake up and implement the invigilation process in strict accordance with the regulations, and there will be no mistakes in any link. The advancement of technology can indeed upgrade the cheating methods of candidates, but it can also make the examination room even more powerful. Xiaolei believes that technology products are only auxiliary means after all, and invigilators are a key factor in determining the conduct of the examination room. It was precisely because of the invigilator's indifference to the examination room discipline and indifference to the invigilation process that ultimately led to this incident.

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