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Perfectjammer 2021-11-4

Cell Phone Call Scrambler

This year's college entrance examinations are all conducted in standardized test centers, and the entire test process is monitored and recorded online in real time. During the examination period, admissions and examination institutions at all levels will conduct online inspections through the standardized network video inspection system of test sites. All candidates entering the venue use metal detectors to conduct strict security checks to strictly prevent prohibited items from entering the exam room; use the second-generation ID card recognition device to verify the identity of the candidates. During the exam, all exam rooms are installed and enabled Cell Phone Call Scrambler. cell phone jammer

Strengthen the management of the invigilation process. All parts of the province strictly select invigilators, implement an avoidance system, and strictly carry out invigilation training and legal and discipline warning education. All test centers and test rooms are cross-proctored, and the on-site and video-based simultaneous proctoring is implemented. During the examination process, the Cell Phone Call Scrambler radio management department will carry out high-tech fraud monitoring and monitoring, and the public security department will severely crack down on organizing cheating and other illegal and criminal activities involved in the examination.

Block Tracking My Cell Phone Was Used As A Criminal Tool Cell Phone Call Block App Is Installed At Each Test Point