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Blocking Cell Phone Signals Charcoal

Perfectjammer 2021-12-28

Blocking Cell Phone Signals Charcoal

The most terrible thing is the miniature receiver, which is as big as a grain of rice, put it in your glasses, and someone on the radio will tell you the question and the answer during the exam. So how to ensure the fairness of the examination room? Since the publication of Blocking Cell Phone Signals Charcoal has come, it has been trusted by examination rooms, schools, prisons and other units. In fact, cell phone jammer is no longer a new gadget in foreign countries. In recent years, it has also begun to be sold in the domestic market! Mobile signal jammers only interfere with mobile phones Signal, so it will not affect mobile base stations and other electronic equipment. Now there are many elementary and middle school students, each with a mobile phone, some are addicted to games, some are addicted to novels, etc., which is more dangerous for school exams. Baidu has all the answers. If everyone in the exam is plagiarizing with their mobile phones, it will be a violation of the exam. The purpose and meaning of!

Everyone is familiar with mobile phone signal jammers, also known as Blocking Cell Phone Signals Charcoal , but everyone who has taken a large exam has seen it, and it is placed at the entrance of the exam classroom. It is not malicious to block the signal and maintains fairness. Reflect, in order to give people a fair environment for the exam. Effectively shield CDMA (China Telecom), GSM (China Mobile, China Unicom), DCS (1800MHz), PHS (1900MHz) 3G, 4G, 5 and other mobile phone signals and WIFI (WLAN), Bluetooth/2.4G communication, wireless network, pin Hole camera signal. The MDPB-02 mobile phone signal jammer is our latest high-tech shielding product specially designed for the examination room. It can effectively shield (interfere) all mobile phone signals in the examination room and WIFI Bluetooth 2.4G communications, wireless networks (QQ and Weibo, etc.), Pinhole camera signal. Completely eliminate the phenomenon of candidates using mobile phones and wireless networks to cheat, ensure the fairness of the exam, and create a level playing field for students.

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