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Maintain the order of the meeting through the jammers

We have all seen signs in stores and at service counters alerting customers they will not be served if they are talking on their mobile phone. We all know there is an etiquette associated with the use of mobile phones, but did you know the use of these devices could also be causing conflict in the workplace and potentially harming your career? That's why jamming devices are becoming more popular. Now, we can see jammers in many places.

In the digital age, not only are tech devices commonly permitted in boardrooms and meeting spaces, but they’re also widely considered essential tools for doing business. But a new study suggests that that mindset is not as universal as many industry insiders might think: Many meeting professionals still consider smartphones and tablets to be a disruptive force that interrupts thoughts and discussions that happen in meeting spaces.

Why need to disable a cell phone?

Using a mobile phone during meetings creates conflict because it demonstrates to the other party that the user is not being respectful, is not paying attention, is not interested in the content and doesn’t think the meeting content is important for them.

This can lead the other party to start to make assumptions that the mobile phone user lacks self awareness, because if they knew how their behaviour was perceived by others and how it was impacting the effectiveness and efficiency of the meeting, they wouldn’t continue to use their phones. There is also an assumption that the mobile phone user lacks self control because they can’t resist checking their phone each time there is a ‘ping’ alert.

The research indicates that older professionals and those with higher incomes are far more likely to think it is inappropriate to be checking text messages or emails during meetings of any kind.

As expected, opinions on cell phone usage vary greatly by age. Millennials were three times more likely than those over age 40 to think that checking text messages and emails during informal meetings was OK. However, unlike other Millennial traits, this difference is one that could influence young professionals’ careers, as they typically reliant on those who are more senior, and older, for career advancement.

Companies may prohibit employees from using their phones during certain circumstances, such as when they should be waiting on customers or before meeting. I think jammers should be installed in libraries, meeting rooms, theatres of all types, schools and just about anywhere else where people are working or should be paying attention to something. I think it’s sad that we’ve come to this. What happened to us as a society where we think that everything revolves around us or that just because we can do it, we should?

Jamming cell phone signal before meeting, just collect cellphones before the meeting "as a security precaution", honestly -- it's standard procedure in secure environments. You can *software bug* most cellphones to become open mics and effective eavesdropping devices. People feel high status if they think they are part of a meeting important enough for security from spying.

At present, many enterprises in the United States use signal jammers during meetings. More and more business owners are ordering the device