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Cinemas and Theaters has Necessity of Using Jammers

Normally, entering a cinema or theater, turning off the phone is the most basic ritual. However, in any case, there are always people who will ignore these rites and rules.

Try to convince people to abide by the most basic social considerations during a movie. If you’ve patronized a theater recently, you know they tend to be ignored, so other methods have been explored to mandate theater ethics.

For new and popular movies, theatres could have individual auditoriums which block cell phone use, and auditoriums which do not block signals. This would act more like the now fading tradition of Non-smoking areas in restaurants. While cell phone use is still discouraged in the non-blocked auditorium, those who choose to view a movie there will have to deal with the occasional distraction.

Personally, I think theaters should be allowed to install the jammers, with clear signs indicating that they are being used. If people don't like that, they are free to spend their money elsewhere. If all theaters end up using the technology, then those people can choose to not go to movies.