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The library is full of cell phone ringtones

Do you like reading? You want to spend the day in the library instead of talking to people. If you are such a person, you will understand how annoying it is when you are interrupted by a book with another world. When you're reading intently, there's a loud ringing phone ringing in the quiet library, and you have to be interrupted to read, which is very frustrating. Although the library requires silence, few people comply. That's why more libraries are banning cell phones. However, the effect is not good.

In the pantheon of great inventions, cell phones are an undeniably useful devices. They connect us to friends, family and random people all over the world via invisible radio waves that somehow don't kill us. Most of us can’t take the train without gazing at our phone to check the news, check on friends or just because it's has become second nature.

Libraries are houses of books, which are bundles of paper that have words on them. We’re supposed to go to the library to peacefully read or drink a quadruple-shot espresso while we spend the next 12 hours writing a 15-page term paper that’s due tomorrow. You don't talk on the phone to your friend who's going through another breakup. I know it seems unbelievable, but the other people at the library didn’t come to watch you film your Snapchat story.

It is well known that library is a peaceful place with an atmosphere that full of strong humanities flavor, a place with people in it, warmth and comfort. A good library is a combination institution of gathering, arrangement and collection of books and reference materials that for people to read and consult.

Sometimes we like to go to the library with our friends for some reading. Some people just come for a cool spot in a hot Halloween or warm spot for a cold winter. Absolutely, lots of people come here for study. Because library is a place where knowledge in more abundant than ever. So it is the top priority to keep the silence in such a place.

Although the library is a place to be quiet, there are always some people who are rude to answer the phone. When they answer the phone, they don't lower the volume, or choose to answer the phone in the corner. You have to spend half an hour or more in the library listening to them talk about things that don't matter. Perhaps despite repeated warnings from the librarian, but these people also answered the phone loudly and did not notice that they were disturbing others.

How to solve this problem?

Although this phenomenon is hard to stop, with the progress of science and technology, keeping the library quiet is no longer an impossible problem. In recent years, foreign scientific researchers have invented a cell phone signal jammer device, can quickly screen mobile phone related signals. Although there are many types of devices, the library only needs to purchase devices that interfere with GSM, 3G and 4G signals, according to the most commonly used cellphone signals in the United States.

According to the experiment of some local libraries, the condition of the library has been improved. When people find no signal in the library, they choose to answer the phone outside ( Of course, what's more important than learning a day in a library? ).

If you see a jammer in the library, you can read without worrying about being disturbed. You can spend a day quietly enjoying the time of reading and walking into the world described in the book.