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Drones are likely targets for cell phone jammers, which can be launched in multiple frequency bands


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"Drone assassination" or why every VIP should protect themselves from drones

August 4 was the first real VIP assassination of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by a drone carrying explosives.

Details are scarce, but what is clear is that while President Maduro was delivering a speech to thousands of soldiers in Caracas, a drone equipped with an improvised explosive device exploded not far from him.

It is understood to be the first time a drone has been used to assassinate a VIP, and while the attempt was most likely unsuccessful (as President Maduro survived), the destructive power of a bomb-carrying drone should cause security forces to be on high alert. Protect their VIPs.

Since many details are unknown, analysis of Maduro's assassination attempt is problematic, but from what we know, we can say the following:

1) One or more drones (most likely drones) were able to get close to the vicinity of the president without anyone providing information about the presence of drones in the area, even drones without any hostile intent.

2) Since hearing the explosion, the drone has managed to carry some type of improvised explosive device. The size, weight and power of the IED are unknown, but the detonation was successful.

One can only imagine what would happen if one of these drones exploded next to the president.

The drone was likely the target of a cell phone signal jammers, which is simply a device fitted with a radio transmitter that emits multi-band frequencies. The drone's receiver then saturated and could no longer interpret the driver's commands. The drone crashed into the sea and, according to Fstoppers, the city of Toulon has launched an investigation into the incident and sent divers to look for the wreckage for further study.

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