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Block Telus Cell Phone Number

Perfectjammer 2021-10-28

Block Telus Cell Phone Number

The mobile phone signal jammer weighs less than 2.5 kilograms, the size of two palms, and the appearance is similar to that of a semiconductor radio and a digital TV set-top box. From June 11th to 12th, the middle school entrance examination was carried out as scheduled. However, the author found in the middle school entrance examination room of Suichang National Middle School that an ordinary-looking "black box" (Block Telus Cell Phone Number) attracted the attention of many candidates. The author learned from the county admissions office that this device has already been used in college entrance examinations, adult examinations in our province and other examination rooms, but it is the first time it has been used in the middle examination room in our county. cell phone jammer

According to reports, the function of Block Telus Cell Phone Number is to block mobile phone signals brought by candidates into the examination room, making it impossible to make calls or send text messages. The mobile phone jammer has low power and narrow shielding range, which only works in the examination room, and will not affect the examinees, nor will it affect the lives of the people around the examination room. "According to the recommendations of the Lishui City Admissions Office, this year's 5 high school entrance examination centers and 71 examination rooms in Suichang County all used mobile phone signal jammers. The purpose is to create fair and equitable competition opportunities for the majority of candidates, purify the examination room environment, and prevent and combat organized , Premeditated'gang cheating' and using modern communication tools to cheat and other serious frauds." said the relevant person in charge of the county admissions office.

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