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Perfectjammer 2021/10/7

Due to my country's large land area and scattered population, communication resources are relatively scarce. Therefore, it is very difficult to fundamentally solve these problems. After all, the base station resources that China Mobile can formally establish are limited. But with the continuous development of science and technology, Cell Phone Signal Jammer Circuit Diagram Pdf has become a more mature and effective solution. However, there are many reasons for poor home signal and inability to make calls. In different situations, the phenomenon is the same, but the reasons are different. The mobile phone signal jammer solution is not a method for everyone. The outdoor street signal is good, but the indoor signal is poor. This is the most common situation, mainly because the surrounding buildings block the base station signal. The signal difference between rural and suburban areas is weak. Outdoor signals are weak, but there is basically no signal indoors. cell phone jammer The reason for the poor signal is that the base stations in rural and suburban areas are not dense enough, and some places are far away from the base station, resulting in weak signals.

The outdoor street signal is good, but there is basically no indoor signal. The signal is poor because it is difficult for the reinforced concrete in the villas and factory rooms to pass the mobile phone signal with a frequency of about 900Mhz and be blocked. The reasons for the poor signal of advanced mobile phones are different from the above points. In fact, the signal of high-end mobile phones is very good, so why can't I still make calls? Mainly because the upper layer can receive signals from several nearby base stations, but because there is no blocking, the signal strength is similar, so the mobile phone will frequently switch between several base stations, which is the so-called "ping-pong" effect; in addition, mobile The phone can also receive signals from non-neighboring base stations. Since the mobile phone can only switch between neighboring base stations, it will allow the signal of the base station with better signal to be received by the mobile phone. Neighbors cannot switch, resulting in the so-called " The islanding effect". Cell Phone Signal Jammer Circuit Diagram Pdf According to reports, the ping-pong effect and the islanding effect are difficult problems in mobile communications, and the solution is different from the above-mentioned situation.