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Cell Phone Data Service Is Blocked Cannot Block 5G

Perfectjammer 2022/04/12

Cell Phone Data Service Is Blocked

Mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into the examination room. This is also a rule known to all women and children. However, as usual, Cell Phone Data Service Is Blocked is also installed in the examination room. Even a mobile phone brought into the examination room is a "brick". Under the "double insurance", an eye-popping scene may have happened. So, should the lack of 5G signal jammers be the "culprit"? "This is not weird." Zhou Shengjun, the founder of Xianhongzao Classroom Teaching, an authoritative communication expert, stated that 5G is a newly released network frequency band in recent years, using some new wireless communication frequency bands, and many old cell phone jammer are not compatible with shielding 5G. Signal. "The first probability is that the 5G signal is likely not within the scope of operation of the signal jammer used on the spot; the second probability is that the 5G signal itself has a very strong anti-interference ability, and the mobile phone signal jammer failed to successfully suppress the impact. .Search Internet platforms such as Taobao. At present, the mobile Internet signal jammers on the market are mainly divided into 5G version and non-5G version. The 5G version number mobile Internet signal jammer can block the mobile Internet signal of full frequency band, but there is no 5G version. The number is only the signal of the mobile phone signal jammer 2.3.4G.

Many people should know about Cell Phone Data Service Is Blocked by now. Everyone who has participated in large-scale exams has seen it. It is the equipment placed at the entrance of the exam room. Someone asked if this could be a malicious blocking signal. No, on the contrary, this is to protect the fairness of the examination, and with the continuous progress of the times and the development of high technology, everyone's standards are getting higher and higher. Today, mobile phones have become a way of life for adults and children alike. For primary and secondary school students, it is more critical to influence what they say. Long-term use of mobile phones is likely to affect their eyesight, and it is more obvious that they ignore their learning and training.

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