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Selective Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/08/22

Examination is a rigorous method of appraisal of knowledge level. Students' learning ability and other abilities can be checked by passing the exam. In order to ensure the fairness of the results, the examination room must require strong disciplinary constraints, and there must be special supervisors and invigilators to supervise the examination process. Any cheating is absolutely prohibited, otherwise the law will be imposed. And criminal liability. Selective Cell Phone Jammer The components generally include: host, antenna, power adapter. When installing a mobile phone jammer, there is a strong signal magnetic field within a certain distance between the host and the antenna (usually 20-30 cm), and there is also magnetic field interference around the 220V power line (strong current) (usually 5-10 cm), so , How to place the installation position of each component is very important, the placement position is not correct, cell phone jammer It is very likely that the transmission of the shielding signal will be interfered and the shielding effect will be affected.

The conference room is a very serious place, and you don’t want to be affected by the external environment, such as corporate strategy meetings, public institution department meetings, public security and judicial department meetings and other government department meetings. The progress has a great impact. At this time, Selective Cell Phone Jammer is needed, and a mobile phone jammer is arranged in the meeting room to shield the mobile phone signal. The mobile phone has no signal and naturally cannot communicate with the outside world. In the category of meeting rooms, it is not easy to judge. We usually judge based on the absence of signal amplifiers in the office, whether there is an operator base station within 300 meters, and the signal strength of the usual mobile phone. If the mobile phone signal is very strong, you need to use it. A slightly more powerful cell phone jammer.