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Caller Id Block Att Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/10/28

Regarding the opening of the shielding device for the Luohe Fifth High School Mid-term Examination, the relevant person in charge of the Luohe Education Bureau stated that as long as it is not a unified national, provincial or city-wide examination, schools are generally not allowed to open Caller Id Block Att Cell Phone . Regardless of Luohe Fifth High’s motive for turning on the mobile phone jammer, it cannot affect the normal communication of other residents. The person in charge of the bureau said that the matter should be investigated and dealt with. On the morning of November 13th, President Li of Luohe Wugao, who was on a business trip, received a call from reporters and said that he had learned of the matter and ordered the comrades in charge of the school to immediately turn off the mobile phone jammer; the exam on the 13th, the examination room Use classroom monitoring system. According to the investigation, on November 13, residents in the area near Luohe Fifth High, the mobile communication signal has returned to normal. cell phone jammer

Yesterday, regarding the use of Caller Id Block Att Cell Phone , the reporter interviewed Mr. Song from the law firm and Director Liu, an engineer of the Radio Management Office of Luohe City. Attorney Song told reporters that cell phone jammers are products used in recent years, and the national laws and regulations are still blank. Engineer Liu said that there are many types of mobile jammers, and the quality is uneven. Because it has full frequency coverage, mobile phones, China Unicom phones and PHS will lose their signals after being activated within the shielding magnetic field generated by them, which affects normal communication. It is understood that there are currently about 30 or 40 companies in China engaged in the production of mobile phone jammers. Most of the manufacturers are small township enterprises, and the quality of their products varies. Poor quality mobile phone jammers may cause harm to the human body, causing visual disturbances, sensory disturbances, mood changes, confusion and even fainting.