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Philadelphia Bus Ride Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-06-23

Philadelphia Bus Ride Cell Phone Jammer

More and more conferences are getting used to placing Philadelphia Bus Ride Cell Phone Jammer in the conference hall. "At the beginning of the meeting, it was discovered that the mobile phone signal was gone, and it was completely'disconnected'." "In the event of an emergency, I couldn't contact the responsible comrades of the relevant departments. It took several hours before I received feedback that I was in a meeting"... …Speaking of the problem of being "shielded" in meetings, the cadres couldn't close their chatterboxes after opening them. A township cadre talked about an example that made him quite a little helpless-once he went out to attend a conference, the on-site signal was blocked, and there happened to be a petition by the masses that day, and he had to communicate with him on call. "Other cadres explained that they could not be contacted for the time being. The masses did not believe it, thinking they were perfunctory and deliberately avoiding them. When the masses later went to higher-level departments to petition, they added another reason in the reason-‘cadres were too brave and inaction’. cell phone jammer

The State Secrecy Bureau, in conjunction with the Radio Management Committee of the Ministry of Information Industry, Northern Jiaotong University and other institutions, formulated the first industry standard "Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Mobile Communication Jammers for Secrecy Conferences." With the relaxation of policies, experts said that the market potential of Philadelphia Bus Ride Cell Phone Jammer is huge, and the industry development space is extremely broad. At present, the global mobile phone ownership has reached 2 billion. According to estimates, the demand for mobile phone jammers is 1% of the total mobile phone ownership. That is to say, for every 100 mobile phone users, there will be a mobile phone signal jammer user. This user may be a safe place, a secret place, a quiet place, or a public place or an individual.

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