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Block Solicitors Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-07

Block Solicitors Cell Phone

On the afternoon of the 6th, I saw at the Provincial Experimental Middle School and the High School Attached to Shanshi Normal University that the examination room had been arranged, and some tables and chairs vacated in the classroom were stacked on the side of the corridor. New guy" - Block Solicitors Cell Phone . "We will use mobile phone jammers for the first time in the college entrance examination this year, and each floor will be equipped with one." The person in charge of the Academic Affairs Office of the Provincial Experimental Middle School told us that the relevant personnel have mastered its installation and use procedures, and will be placed early on the 7th. Go to the corridor outside the examination room. The vice-principal Wang of the High School Affiliated to Shanshi Normal University told reporters that the test center has 43 test rooms and will be equipped with cell phone jammer . Considering the working radius of the mobile phone jammer is 20 meters to 30 meters, "if the first floor is placed on the north side, the second floor will be placed on the north side. The south side, in order to increase the coverage area." It is reported that these mobile phone jammers were uniformly configured by the Jinan Admissions Department.

In response to the questions of some candidates and their parents about "whether Block Solicitors Cell Phone affects the normal performance of candidates", we specially interviewed relevant persons from the Provincial Recruitment Institute. According to reports, the mobile phone jammer can make the mobile phone temporarily have no signal within a certain range. By transmitting noise waves on the same channel, the normal communication signal of the mobile phone and the base station is submerged in the noise to achieve the purpose of shielding the mobile phone signal. The mobile phone jammers currently used in our province are generally low-power, and the working range is between 20 meters and 30 meters. The Provincial Admissions Institute has contacted the Provincial Radio Management Committee to confirm that the mobile phone signal jammers will not affect the candidates. The impact of more than one mobile phone on candidates. But at the same time, the person also said that mobile phone jammers are only an "anti-cheating" measure, which is to create a fair and just competition opportunity for the majority of candidates. The Ministry of Education does not require uniform use. Integrity to restrain.

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