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Device To Jam Cell Phone Signals

Perfectjammer 2022-01-04

Device To Jam Cell Phone Signals

The mobile phone has a signal because it can be connected to the base station via radio waves. Complete data and voice transmission with a certain baud rate and modulation method. Device To Jam Cell Phone Signals By generating low-frequency information of the interference signal, respectively modulating the interference information to the frequencies of different base stations, after the power is amplified, it is transmitted from the directional antenna, which can realize the shielding of the mobile phone signal, cell phone jammer making the mobile phone unable to make and receive, and cannot send and receive short messages. , Internet. Simply put, it is to make the mobile phone unable to connect to the base station, so as to achieve the effect of signal shielding.

Through the official notification, it was learned that the 5G signal shielding loopholes caused candidates to upload test questions on their mobile phones. So this loophole is actually mainly due to two reasons. Many people are already using 5G mobile phones, but the examination room may still use Device To Jam Cell Phone Signals in the 4G frequency band, so that it cannot be shielded against the 5G signal frequency band. There is also a possibility that the signal shielding strength will be deviated and decreased when the shielding device is working for a long time, resulting in the inability to effectively shield the signal of a specific frequency band, thus causing the mobile phone to have a signal for network communication. The college entrance examination is a major turning point in everyone's life, which means life's opportunities and a broader world. The influence of college entrance examination on people is a lifetime. Hard work and struggle are the essence of life. Fairness and justice are particularly important in this. .

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